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Brianne & Binyamin Rosenstock - Hakarat Hatov Award


When Binyamin stepped foot inside Anshei Shalom that first time, Friday night 15 years ago, he really didn’t know anyone. He grabbed a random seat and looked around, wondering if he and Brianne had made the right choice, buying a house and moving into a neighborhood without even spending a Shabbos first. It was a complete gamble, sure - but the location was right, the house was somewhat affordable (that really dates it), and people so far seemed friendly, if a little strange. On that note, a middle-aged man walked up beside him in the middle of Kabbalat Shabbat, and started making conversation. “Hi, are you new?”

“Yes,” he replied. “We just moved in…”

The man smiled and walked around the shul, and Binyamin went back to davening. Within a few moments, he had made a full circle and was sidling up again. Wasn’t this guy going to let him daven?

“Where did you move to?” he asked.

“It’s a little block called Elton Street. I don’t think anyone even knows where it is,” Binyamin replied.

“I do. It’s good to have you here. You made the right choice. What’s your name?”

“Binyamin Rosenstock,” he said, wondering if it was normal in this shul to be talking this much during maariv.  “And you are?”

“My name is Yehuda Pearl.”

It took a moment, but then it clicked. And Binyamin realized that they had made the right choice after all.

In the years that followed, Binyamin and Brianne have entrenched themselves in the shul and neighborhood, raised a family, made lifelong friends, and never looked back. After first building the shul’s first website and establishing himself as the unofficial IT person of Anshei, Binyamin then served on the Anshei Executive Board for 10 years, under 5 presidents, including taking on the mantle as well. He was honored to be on the search committee for Rabbi Soniker, and the president who got to inaugurate him as Senior Rabbi of the shul. He also recently joined CSS - but of course, his most important role at Anshei is the M.C. of “Parent-Child Learning,” where he gets to try out his latest jokes in front of the only audience that will tolerate him: 1st-6th graders. 

Brianne has been involved in various aspects of Sisterhood, including many years of organizing Mishloach Manot and numerous events. They have each been on multiple HANC committees, including the Board of Education, the Tech Committee and the search committees for 609 and High School principals. Brianne now serves on the HANC Board of Directors.

They are honored to have been given the opportunity to serve the community in non-organizational matters as well. Most know Binyamin from his infamous role as the creator and moderator for the West Hempstead Jewish Community group on Facebook, where 2500 members get news about the neighborhood, ask for and offer help, and participate in the latest controversy - usually involving pizza, rides to Brooklyn, or other important matters.

The Rosenstocks also are happy to have inherited the West Hempstead Medical Gemach from its founders, Irwin and Gigi Bressler, and frequently loan out wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical devices to all who need. Their garage wasn't going to be used for a car anyway.

Binyamin - a Sr. Product Director for Cox Automotive, and Brianne - a Speech Therapist for the NYC DOE, along with their children, Eden (HANC HS), Mark (MTA), and Bailey (HANC MS), are proud to call Anshei Shalom and West Hempstead home, and look forward, with G-d’s help, to continuing to serve the community in whatever capacity they can, for many years to come.

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Thu, January 27 2022 25 Shevat 5782