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Shani & Moshe Seewald - Chesed Award


Shani and Moshe were introduced to West Hempstead by many of their close friends who moved in before them. After spending many Shabbatot and chagim in the neighborhood, they knew West Hempstead was where they wanted to raise their family. After three years of house hunting, and being outbid many times, they finally found their dream home in their dream community, and have called West Hempstead home for the last ten years. 

Soon after moving in, they became active members of Anshei Shalom and started making friends. The warm, welcoming, diverse shul community led to many Shabbat lunches, and many close friendships.

Moshe works in finance, and has been involved with many initiatives of the shul over the years. He is currently an active member of CSS, he has served on the Youth Committee, he has been involved with the planning of the shul Shabbos Project weekend for many years, and spearheaded the shul’s winter ‘Tisch’ program many years ago. Moshe attends Rabbi Soniker’s weekly gemara shiur, has become one of Rabbi Pearl’s official latke sous chefs, and has volunteered at many other shul events.

Shani, a yeshiva marketing director has also worked in camp for many years. Shani has served as a Sisterhood Vice President for many years, and is actively involved in her chesed team. She feels a deep connection to the Anshei family and acts whenever she is called upon to serve the community.

Shani and Moshe recently welcomed their third child, Max, joining their other children Josh and Leora. Josh and Leora have loved being a part of all aspects of the youth department for years. From Shabbat morning groups, to junior congregation, to Parent Child Learning, and chol hamoed activities, they have taken part of and gained so much from the robust offerings the shul arranges.

Max’s recent shalom zachor was held despite a forecast of torrential downpours. Even with the ‘less than ideal’ weather, so many people came out to celebrate with the Seewalds, people were waiting in the hallway to come in out of the rain - the house was literally bursting at the seams with simcha! To Shani and Moshe, this is West Hempstead, this is home!


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Tue, January 19 2021 6 Shevat 5781