Chassanim Kiddush Sponsorship

This coming Shabbos, November 25th, Shabbat Vayetzei, Anshei will be hosting its annual Chassanim kiddush in honor of the Simchas Torah Chassanim from all of our minyanim.

Please join us in honoring our Chassanim by sponsoring the kiddush.
See below for a list of this year's Chassanim

We wish the following individuals Mazel Tov on being recognized by the Shul for their continuing involvement in the success of Anshei Shalom.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor sign up below.

Kol Ha'nearim- Adam Kalter
Chassan Torah- Adam Goldschmiedt
Chassan  Bereishis- David Frankel
Maftir- Danny Wunder 

Chassan Kol Hanearim - JB Stulberger
Chassan Torah - Nachum Braun 
Chassan Bereishis - Yehoshua Engelsohn
Maftir - Josh Schneider 

Chattan Bereishit- Abe Mizrachi
Chattan Torah- Elan Weinreb
Chattan Meona- Joseph Masri



Sun, December 17 2017 29 Kislev 5778