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Youth Department

The Anshei Shalom Youth Department, led by Rabbi Steve Moskowitz, is a “home away from home” for our children - a place where the children feel comfortable and, at the same time, learn the importance of Shul and community. We hope to make the Shul a place where the children can connect with Hashem and compliment what they learn in school through davening, group learning, and socializing. It is our hope that the experiences and memories that our children create at Anshei Shalom will encourage them to grow into active and involved members of our community.

As a youth department, we aim to create a warm and caring environment in which to nurture our youth. It is our belief that if children love to go to Shul when they are young and view Shul as a special place, they will develop a connection that will last a lifetime.

Shabbos morning groups begin at 9:45am and end at 11:30am or the conclusion of davening. We also offer Early Groups, which begin at 9:15. Groups, led by our talented and dedicated leaders, are offered for children pre-K through 6th grade. For kids ages 0-2, we have a Nursery Nook for children and their parents the gather and play.

The groups are structured to include weekly parsha study, games, age-appropriate davening, including an explanation of the tefilot as well as the introduction to Shabbos specific tefilot which are not taught in school. This is done to prepare the children to be active participants in our thriving teen minyan. The children also get snacks and raffle tickets to allow them to win fun prizes two-times a year.

The Teen Minyan, under the leadership of Eric Maslin, consists of inspirational davening, Divrei Torah, and socialization. The Teen Minyan takes place in Trailer 1 every Shabbos at 9:45am. The teens are taught to be responsible for every facet of the minyan including gabai duties, Ba’alei Tefilah, and Ba’alei Kriyah in preparation for becoming contributors to our adult minyan. All who attend the minyan are entitled to participate in the weekly Teen Minyan Kiddush.

Teen involvement is not limited to the minyan. There are monthly activities planned for the teens, incorporating educational, fun and chessed-based programming.

There is equal opportunity for involvement by the younger children outside of Shabbos morning groups, including our media-interactive Parent-Child Learning, complete with pizza and ice-cream. Holiday programming has included Sukkah decoration making, a Sukkah hop, Purim party and youth megillah reading, Chol Hamoed trips, youth hakafot, Shvuout Learning, Ne’elat Hachag programs, and a Chanukah party.

There are so many programs, we can't list them all here.

Come down and join us. Your children can take part in the fun.

  Youth Committee  
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Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784