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Sephardic Minyan @ Anshei

Established in 1992, the Sephardic Minyan (Congregation) at Anshei Shalom embodies the Sephardic flavor within the greater Anshei Shalom community. We are proud to represent a diverse set of Jewish communities and customs from across the globe, here in West Hempstead on Long Island, NY.

We offer minyanim on Shabbat and Holidays as well as on Sunday mornings. All are welcome to our friendly, growing community.

Minyanim Schedule:

Sunday 8:00 AM / Shabbat Morning 9:00 AM / Minhah and Arbit schedule vary seasonally.

Upcoming Classes

To be announced...

Past Classes


Guest Speaker, Rabbi Yochai Cohen




Our youth represent the future of the minyan and the continuation of our traditions to the next generation. As such, we encourage and praise our youth for volunteering to read the weekly parashah for the minyan, hand out siddurim, and lead the minyan in tefilah. 


Resources For Guests

If you have questions on the Anshei Sephardic Minyan, please contact Ilana Talitian or Michael Masri.

Ilana can be reached @ 718-730-4353 or

Michael can be reached @ 917-566-9044 or 

Please join us for Shabbat

Minyan Leadership

Rabbi Azose - Sephardic Rabbi

Jack Gourdji - Gabbai



Guest Speaker Rabbi Yochai Cohen


2021 Couples Event


Hoshanah Rabbah Learning Program


Challah Bake

Sephardic Youth Program

Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784