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Tamar and Jeremiah (J.B.) Stulberger - Hakarat Hatov Award


We are truly humbled to be honored by the shul this year. Tamar and I began our respective journeys in Far Rockaway and Brooklyn, but ultimately found our path to each other and, ultimately, to this community. 

When we first came to Anshei, as guests of our in-laws, the Talitians, we were warmly greeted by the members and Rabbi Pearl with open arms and it felt like home. No Shabbos was complete without a hug from Rabbi Pearl. When we finally took the plunge and bought a house in the community, there was never an announcement welcoming us, because we were already part of the Anshei family. Whether celebrating smachot, dealing with health issues or helping us get through difficult losses, the Rabbanim (starting with Rabbi Pearl and continuing with Rabbi Soniker) and the kahal were there for us, whenever we needed them, with Rabbi Soniker even overseeing my mother’s funeral during the throes of Covid when even I couldn’t be there. 

In the 16 years we have been part of the West Hempstead community and Anshei members, we have been privileged to see incredible growth.  When we first came to Anshei, we were davening at the VFW while the “new” shul building was being built, and now, here we are, eagerly awaiting the completion of yet another, substantial expansion.  The shul is abuzz with the sounds of construction, davening, shiurim and children, and it’s a pleasure to see.

We hope that whatever we have tried to give back to the shul over the years is a reflection of how we were raised by our own parents, and the example they set for the importance of community involvement.  They instilled in us the lesson from Mesechet Shevuot, “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh,” all of Israel are responsible for each other. We hope that we have lived up to that example by volunteering for Anshei’s chessed committee to provide meals for those in need, serving on Anshei’s welcome committee and CSS, and joining Anshei’s Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Two years ago, together with the Freud family, we were able to donate a Sefer Torah, which has been used weekly and is designated for use by bar mitzvah boys. 

We have three children, Dov, Ayala, and Mikayla. Dov has been a group leader for Anshei for the past few years. Ayala has recently been added to the Anshei youth team working with Morah Amy, and Mikayla is enjoying her last year in groups.  They are as much a part of the Anshei family as we are.


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Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784