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Purim Minyan & Megilla Signup

Below is registration for Purim minyanim.   Before registering, you must read the Guidelines. You must be logged in to register for a minyan.


Welcome to the Anshei Shalom minyan registration page.

By registering for a minyan, you agree to all of the Guidelines

We do not want to spread Covid-19 in our Shul or our community.  By limiting the number of different minyanim attended, any spread will also be limited.  To that end, we ask you to be mindful and controlled in your contacts in minyanim and your every day life.  


1.  Please review the  Guidelines.

2.  In the registration box, below, please check all minyanim & megilla readings that you intend to attend.  

3.   If registering multiple people, please re-load this form after submission and enroll the additional person.

Minyan Registration

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Sun, February 28 2021 16 Adar 5781