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Rabbi Yehuda Pearl - Keter Torah Award


Congregation Anshei Shalom is proud to honor its founder and Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi
Yehuda Pearl
. Forty-five years ago, with nothing more than a dream to create a “small shul with
a big heart,” a group of families asked Rabbi Pearl to help form a new shul in West Hempstead.
Ordained from Rav Feinstein’s Tiferet Yerushalayim and the Mirrer Yeshiva in Yerushalayim,
the Rabbi agreed and Congregation Anshei Shalom was born. Several years of steady growth
prompted the congregation to purchase a house at 472 Hempstead Avenue and Rabbi Pearl
worked day and night to transform it into a shul.

When it became apparent that the building’s size could no longer accommodate its
burgeoning membership, Rabbi Pearl was instrumental in motivating Anshei Shalom members,
new and old, to strive toward building an appropriate sanctuary and Kiddush Hashem. Once
construction was underway, Rabbi Pearl worked to make sure that the design matched his own
vision of Kedusha. Today, our shul reflects this vision as a beautiful and spiritual sanctuary.
Rabbi Pearl remains engaged with the shul leadership as Anshei undergoes its current expansion.

Rabbi Pearl is the soul of Anshei Shalom. Famous for averting fame and true to the
teachings of our Avot, he does not look for honor and shies away from the spotlight. While
remaining committed to our shul, Rabbi Pearl is also an accomplished businessman; he built
Sabra Salads to what it is today. His limitless generosity with his time in the pursuit of Shalom
Bayit within our community is both astounding and characteristic. Our Rabbi Emeritus displays
unconditional devotion and heartfelt generosity to his family, to our shul, our community, and to
Eretz Yisrael. As the embodiment of Hillel’s dictum to: “Love peace and pursue peace; Love
humanity and bring them closer to Torah” (Pirkei Avot: Chapter 1, Mishna 12), our beloved
Rabbi Emeritus has made Anshei Shalom a not so small shul with a heart that could never be as
big as his own.

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Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784